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How to Play Ingress

HACK EVERYTHING! You get items (and AP from enemy portals) from hacking and those items will help you level.

Use the Intel Map (www.ingress.com/intel) to see things around you. (You have to sign in using the e-mail address associated with your Agent Name.)

Try to fully deploy on a portal. You get a bonus for capturing the portal, and will get another when you fully power it by placing 8th resonator on it. Additionally, only when the portal has eight resonators deployed on it can you make links and fields!

Make small fields! A field is when you link together 3 fully powered portals into a triangle. You do not get points for capturing mind units! So if you can make lots of small fields, you’ll just get more AP points.

Avoid long links! A long link to nowhere doesn’t give you a benefit and may actually interfere with your teammates ability to make their own links.

Do not get discouraged when your portals get torn down. This is actually a good thing since you get to put them back up again!

Ask questions! All of us have them regarding etiquette, strategy, best practices, gameplay, etc.

For more help, see the Links section on our COMMS page, which includes a link to a great resource called Smurfling Lessons!