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Resonator layout and link button from Ingress scanner portal screen
key icon from Ingress scanner Energy: 48k

Photo Credits

SPAIRO Logo - Designed by Chris Whissen (@PittTango)

Small group of SPAIRO agents at First Saturday, November 2015 - Photo by Unknown (if you know who took this photo, please let us know!)

RES Agents at NL-1331 meetup, June 2015 - Photo by Ethan Lepoutre (@bettyrumblepant)

RES Agents meeting up before Abaddon Pittsburgh, November 2015 - Photo by Robert Simpson (@robsimpson)

SPAIRO Agents at First Saturday, November 2016 - Photo by Ivan Russell (@ivanrussell)

SPAIRO Agents at Carnegie Mellon Spring Carnival, April 2016 - Photo by Matt Lisiak (@bocoroth)

SPAIRO agent @ivanrussell at Mission Day Pittsburgh, October 2015 - Photo by Chris Chappel (@OnceAMoose)

SPAIRO agent @inupie, on bicycle before Abaddon Pittsburgh, November 2015 - Photo by Sheryl Allen (@sla68)

Abaddon Pittsburgh Resistance team photo, November 2015 - Photo by Ivan Russell (@ivanrussell)

RES Agents at NL-1331 meetup, May 2016 - Photo by Ethan Lepoutre (@bettyrumblepant)

Who We Are

We are the Resistance. We believe that humanity must be protected from Shaper ingression in order to protect our human race's freedom. Through the use of Exotic Matter (XM) we capture, link, and field portals in an effort to keep the Enlightened at bay. The Enlightened believe the use of XM will allow the Shapers to bring about the next chapter in human evolution, but at what price?

Here in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania (and beyond!) we are a close-knit community of Ingress players that work together to advance the efforts of the Resistance. Events of all magnitudes happen throughout the year and SPAIRO is always present, ready to make sure all of our Resistance agents are equipped, informed, and most importantly HAVE FUN! From casual players to the most dedicated hardcore agents, there is a place for all Resistance agents in SPAIRO. It's time to move, agents.


SPAIRO stands for Southwestern Pennsylvania Area Ingress Resistance Ops, and has existed for nearly the entirety of Ingress history. It can be pronounced either like the bird or like the dragon.


The Ingress world map is divided into area blocks called "cells". AM01-KILO-10 is the cell that most of SPAIRO operates in. It includes southwestern Pennsylvania from Butler south and Latrobe east, the far eastern tip of Ohio including Steubenville and East Liverpool, northern West Virginia including Wheeling and Morgantown, and a very small area of northwestern Maryland. Some agents in neighboring cells, including AM01-KILO-09 to the north and AM01-LIMA-05 to the east also call SPAIRO home.