Greetings, agent. Welcome to Pittsburgh's Ingress Resistance.

Whether you're a local player, or an out-of-town visitor, we welcome you to join our G+ community.

Are you already a member of the Resistance?

  1. Fill out the new agent survey.
  2. Go to the SPAIRO G+ Community page and click the red "Ask to join" button in the top right corner. (You may need to sign in first.)
  3. From either the Ingress Android App, or the Ingress Intel website, post a message to Faction COMMS, stating:
    @ivanrussell @rainbeam @bocoroth I would like to join SPAIRO. My name is firstname lastinitial.
  4. A moderator will approve your request as soon as we can.
  5. We also recommend you circle the SPAIRO Moderators G+ page to make it easier for us to share information with you in the future.